On knowledge and knowing… Maybin 2013

Is that a Kindle?

No. It’s a Sony ereader.

Oh does it glow so you can read in the dark?


So it doesn’t glow but it still cost over a hundred quid?


Did you not do your research?

Well yes, but I am not sure what informed my decision. I am not rational.

Gosh. And what are you reading on it?

Oh this – I am reading a great piece of research by Dr Jo Maybin from the University of Edinburgh called

“Knowledge and Knowing in Policy Work: A case study of civil servants in England’s Department of Health”.

What are your thoughts so far?

I am up to page 70. And so far I can say it offers a rare insight into how civil servants acquire knowledge in order to inform decision making.

Is it not all about evidence based policy?

From what I have read so far, no. we need to move beyond such simplistic notions. Civil servants use evidence in funny ways – or as Maybin puts it more eloquently than me:

Where can I get a copy?


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