On how a picture is worth a thousand words…

There’s a slide I use when I am teaching Q methodology. It is a picture of village life – and the different ways people view living in their rural environment.  The picture is always popular.  It is a neat way of presenting Q factors that doesn’t rely on tables of data or technical terms.  Sometimes I try to claim it was my idea, or even my picture.  For the record. It wasn’t

The artist of this fine picture is the fabulous Ellie Kivinen who works for the London based research consultancy  Brook Lyndhurst

Here’s the picture.

Ellie Picture


The picture can be found on page 36 of this DEFRA fund report written by David Fell, Annie Austin and Ellie Kivinen.


oh and here’s the reference for your bibliographies:

BrookLyndhurst (2010) Social Capital and Quality of Life in Rural Areas A Report prepared for the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs by Brook Lyndhurst Ltd, May (London: DEFRA)

Jolly good.

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