New paper just out – beyond the berlin wall

For those of you who long suspected that there were clear divisions in how health professionals and local government professionals understood the world – this might be of interest. Please find answers and more in my new paper “Beyond the Berlin Wall” written with Helen Dickinson et al – just out in Public Management Review.


Joint commissioning has been extensively alluded to in English health and social care policy as a way of improving services and outcomes. Yet there is a lack of specificity pertaining to what joint commissioning actually is and what success would look like. In this paper we adopt a Q methodology approach to understand the different meanings of joint commissioning that those involved in these arrangements hold. In doing so we get beyond the more orthodox interpretations of joint commissioning found in the literature although the appeal of joint commissioning as a ‘good thing’ is still prominent across these accounts.

For more info on how to get a hold of a copy @srjeffares or

Dickinson, H. Jeffares, S. Nicholds, A. & Glasby, J. (2013) Beyond the Berlin Wall? Investigating joint commissioning and its various meanings using a Q methodology approach. Public Management Review, (Taylor & Francis). First online January 17. DOI: 10.1080/14719037.2012.757353

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